February 21, 2020
The 5th International Conference on Computer Games; Challenges and Opportunities

Video games are a modern form of media that incorporates various aspects of science and art to provide an immersive experience for the audience. In the past decades, this has led to a platform that revolutionized the entertainment sector and became one of the most profitable industries. Moreover, studies have shown that video games can have deep effects on society and culture, advertisement, therapy, education, and so on. 

University of Isfahan, as a comprehensive academic unit in Iran and a pioneer university in this inter-disciplinary field, has launched an Innovation Center of Entertainment Industry and the most equipped Serious Games Laboratory in Iran. Since 2016, the annual International Conference on Computer Games; Challenges and Opportunities (CGCO) has been started in University of Isfahan in order to support and lead game researchers. CGCO covers various aspects of game research including psychology, sociology, computer science, information technology, art, medical sciences, management, economy, and other related topics. This conference is also accompanied by other game events such as game development marathon and specialized panels in order to proficiently bridge the gap between the research and the industry.

The 5th international CGCO conference (CGCO2020) will be held in University of Isfahan. It aims to provide a scientific platform to connect Iranian and foreign researchers together so that novel horizons can be opened through this attractive multi-disciplinary field. Special focus of CGCO2020 will be on Therapeutic Games, and researches towards this emerging field are especially welcomed.

Organizing committee invites all scholars, students, researchers, developers, and other interested activists of video games to participate in CGCO2020 in historical and beautiful city of Isfahan and take the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills, and networks. 
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