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Title Date
University of Isfahan 2020/06/23
Dr Marjan Kaedi Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award, 2019 2020/05/14
Promotion to full professor 2020/02/26
Top Students Award 2020/02/17
The first PhD graduate of Information Security discipline 2020/01/04
University of Isfahan Team in 5th Winter Seminar Series (WSS) Sharif University of Technology 2020/01/04
Yalda Night Ceremony-2019 2019/12/24
Appointment of Dr. Ali Bohlooli as Head of Computer Architecture Engineering Department 2019/12/16
Appointment of Dr. Afsaneh Fatemi as Head of Computer Software Engineering Department 2019/12/16
Snowy Day 2019/11/18
Promotion to Associate Professor 2019/11/17
workshop on library and information bases-November 12, 2019 2019/11/12
Holding a sports competition on the occasion of Physical Education Week 2019/11/10
Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Computer Engineering with the members of the University Employment Working Group 2019/11/09
Presentation of two seminars at the 25th Autocam Exhibition in Isfahan-2019 2019/11/02
2nd application challenge 2019/10/16
Introducing Ceremony of New undergraduate Students of Computer Engineering-2019 2019/10/15
Dr. Mohammad Reza Rashadinejad Appointed as Deputy of Educational Affairs in the Faculty of Computer Engineering 2019/10/07
The 5th International Conference on Computer Games; Challenges and Opportunities 2019/10/02
University of Isfahan robotics team wins 4th place in FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2019 2019/08/17
UI FCE open day 2019 2019/08/10
Internal Evaluation and Supervision Session of Computer Engineering Departments 2019/08/05
Promotion to Associate Professor 2019/07/29
Academic Interview on Computer Engineering Msc on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 2019/07/29
Joint meeting with Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel 2019/07/23
The 2019 Graduation Ceremony 2019/07/22
The 3rd International Conference on Internet of Things and applications-2019 2019/07/16
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